Room Shares in Austin

If you're looking for a room to share in Austin, use this topic to find other members looking for roommates.

Just hit "reply to this topic" to post your contact info, days that you'll be staying at the hotel/bed & breakfast/etc., and any specific requests you would have for a temporary roommate (i.e. male only/female only).

SAH will not be matching roommates - it's up to you to contact one another via this list.

We'll see you in Austin!

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I've rented a small house near the conference hotel for Weds-Saturday. The house has one bedroom but also has a couch that converts to a bed. I'd be open to a female who wanted to share the house and sleep on the sofabed for $50/night. 

Please DM separately if you're interested and want to see the house etc.





I have a room with 2 double beds at Hyatt Regency Austin.

Checking in 9 April.

Checking out 13 April.

I'd be happy to share with a female conference attendee.


Sara Caples

If there is a group looking for a place to stay - there is a great house in central austin, located very near downtown that is great for renting...check it out:


I live in Austin so if anyone has any questions about the area please feel free to ask!


Leigh Buehler-Rappold


I have a room in the Hyatt Regency with two double beds from 8-13 April. I will be happy to share with another female.

Hilde Heynen

I have a reservation in a room with two double beds at the Hyatt Regency Austin.

Check-in date 9 April.

Check-out date 13 April.

I am looking for a female SAH Conference attendee to share it with.

Let me know if you are interested!

Carolina Manrique



One of our members had luck finding a small house to rent within walking distance to the conference hotel, from Verde Camp. She said prices were really good. Just another alternative you might want to check out!

We have a new hotel option offering a special rate for attendees! These rooms will go fast so please act quickly.


The Orangewood Inn
9121 N Interstate Highway 35
Austin, TX 78753
8.5 miles from the Hyatt Regency Austin (near UT Austin campus)
15-20 minutes by car (depending on traffic)

SAH Rate: $65
Call the hotel directly for the $65 per night SAH rate (only double bed rooms available)


Hello! I am on the local host committee, a restoration architect, and have a modest little house about 1.5 miles away from the conference hotel in the West Line National Register District, near downtown Austin.  I would be glad to rent out my spare bedroom that has a very comfy queen sized bed, private bath, and kitchen access.   It's within walking distance of the hotel if you are a walker, or if you are going when I'm going, we can share a ride.  A female or a husband/wife couple preferred.  

I've lived in Austin for 44 years, so can add personal tour guide to the benefit package. DM if you are interested!

Hi there - I wanted to post that I do have someone who will be staying with me for the conference.  Thanks for your interest.  See you next month!



I have a reservation in a room with two double beds at the Hyatt Regency Austin for the following days (Tues night through Sun night):

         Check-in date: Tuesday 8 April.

         Check-out date: Monday 14 April though I will be checking out Saturday April 12.

(I can modify the reservation if you need to check out earlier than morning Monday 14th.   You will be responsible for Saturday night and Sunday night)

I am looking for a male SAH Conference attendee to share it with for those dates or less.

Let me know if you are interested!


W 212-822-2211

M 917-673-6527

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